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Attention is guaranteed with these infoboards!
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You can!
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Do you like cheap or beautiful and durable?
How to save yourself trouble and decide on the right infoboard.

With the surface of infoboards and whiteboards, a basic distinction is made between enamelled and lacquered steel board variants. Both variants are magnetic, can be written on directly with board markers and wiped dry, and can also serve as a projection surface.

The enameled infoboards and whiteboards are characterized by their mirror-smooth, pore-free and thus hygienic board surface.

To achieve this, thin layers of glass are applied to a steel sheet at high temperatures. It can be cleaned more intensively - if necessary also with a cleaning agent containing alcohol. This allows color residues to be removed completely.

In addition, an enamelled panel surface is much less sensitive to scratches than a painted panel surface. Enameled board surfaces are available in white, gray and blue, among other colors. Enameled chalkboards are available in the colors green and gray.

Cheaper, lacquered steel board surfaces are more difficult to clean due to their porous surface and are therefore intended for short-term and less frequent use.

Infoboards and whiteboards are available with ALU-frames and frameless. From a production point of view, boards with frames are cheaper and more robust due to the frame on the side. They are mounted with hooks on the wall, on mobile or fixed stands.

On the more elegant frameless infoboards and whiteboards, silhouettes and logos, recesses for sockets, light switches, screens, etc. can be milled out for this purpose, which can also be highlighted in color. Thus, complete walls from floor to ceiling can be designed and "clad". They are attached with a rear rail system or with a magnetic wall mount. The magnetic wall mount is characterized by its quick and easy installation as well as the flexibility in hanging the panel elements. Thus, panel elements can be easily aligned, moved or even exchanged.

Frameless infoboards and whiteboards can be combined with acoustic pin board elements, which provide better room acoustics and can also be contour milled. Sheets can be pinned to them and even held in place with extra strong magnets.

If you want to draw more attention to your infoboard or whiteboard, individualize it with self-adhesive and magnetic sheet holders or with a colored print using the sublimation method. The sublimation printing process is characterized by the fact that the print is "evaporated" into the surface, leaving the surface smooth, writable and dry-wipeable. The print is also UV-resistant and thus retains its color fastness.

Infoboards with frames are mostly used with ALU frames on the store floor in production as planning boards, restructuring boards or as classic visualization boards.

The more elegant frameless infoboards and whiteboards are increasingly found in reception rooms, corridors, offices and meeting rooms. They can be used individually or assembled from several board elements. Large wall infoboards made of frameless panel elements are suitable for agile work due to their flexibility. The large-format blackboards are ideal for brainstorming, as ideas can be sketched quickly and easily. Discarded ideas, on the other hand, can be quickly and easily deleted in part or in full from the infoboard. The large board area is also ideal for visualizing large projects and projections. Plans can be attached magnetically or, within the framework of project management, fields can be defined for the individual SCRUM steps such as "Backlog", "To Do", "In Progress" and "DONE".

Encourage your creativity with infoboards and whiteboards - without causing paper waste.